Tiramisu San Martino
Mix for tiramisu. GLUTN FREE. SAN MARTINO. 90 g
27 mayo, 2020
Tortagel. PANEANGELI. 3/13g
27 mayo, 2020
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Dolceneve. PANEANGELI. 150g


A cloud of vegetable origin, much lighter than traditional cream, without sacrificing the result.

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Dolceneve is easily prepared with any type of cold milk. It is of vegetable origin and its delicate taste allows the most varied uses according to the imagination: Dolceneve as well as being suitable for filling and decorating a cake, an ice cream or a fruit salad, can also be mixed with a cream, a pudding, a fruit smoothie or a simple jelly, thus obtaining delicious semifreddo, mousse, Bavaresi and many other desserts with a creamy and soft consistency. Practical to keep at home and always ready for any occasion, Dolceneve is a precious ally that stimulates creativity, ensuring the success of each preparation.