zerograno panna e cioccolato
Gluten Free cookies. Panna e cioccolato. ZeroGrano. Galbusera. 220 g.
5 abril, 2020
passata la valle
Tomato passata. La Valle. 700g.
6 abril, 2020
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zafferano cannamela

Saffron powder. Cannamela. 0.125g.


Saffron is among the most precious and expensive spices: it is very highly prized because the thin flower stigmas from which it is made are very light and must be hand-picked. Cannamela devotes a broad range of sizes to this outstanding product: in every package the fine, red dust is preserved in its fantastic aroma by a thin paper envelope. Every saffron package suggests new and easy recipes to give a tasty and colourful twist to your dishes.

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